Instagram is one of the most visible social platforms. With the combination of images, videos, and text, you can create a stellar profile that can get your message to a large audience. There are various features on Instagram to help you widen your scope. Here are some features to help you increase your reach.

Find the Best Time to Post

Whether you’re reaching out to healthcare staffing professionals or the average Joe, you need to find out what’s the best time to cater to their needs. You might think posting in the morning or late at night would be optimal to target your audience. Look at your Instagram analytics to see when people engage with your content and how long.

Also, you have to think about different time zones. Your content may capture people from the United States to Japan. Think about when your overseas audience is most active in your time.

You should create a schedule to post specific things at different times to help you cater to your various demographics.

Use Story Stickers for More Emphasis

It’s good to have an Instagram story to get people to hear what you have to say. Combine that with a sticker. It allows people to type a short response, and you can gauge what to do next.

Also, you can create a poll in them to see what things people like and dislike. Not to mention, you can share their responses. People will know that your audience engages with you, and you reply to their comments.

It’ll encourage more interaction, which can help you launch a product or fall back to do something else that would be much better for your core audience.

Stickers give you that extra push to get more people involved with the making of your brand. Use this to your advantage to create better dialogue between producer and consumer.

Post Some User-Generated Content

You could repost a funny video or meme that’s catching fire. Maybe it even goes with your niche. It causes a chain reaction.

The person you follow may follow you back and then repost your repost. As a result, you have more eyes on your brand. It can increase your reputation and show that you’re someone that values quality content.

Also, it can add some flavor to your Instagram profile by breaking up the informative content with something funny or unique. It keeps the conversation going and can help you see what type of content your followers enjoy.

Have Some Good Hashtags

You can never go wrong with some good hashtags.

Start by having hashtags for your viral posts that involve linking to a trend. People will want to engage with you right at the start because you post things they enjoy.

Find the best hashtags for your niche. If your post is one eMarketing, you might write terms, such as internet marketing, digital marketing, SEO, etc.

Also, you can start pushing your brand and use hashtags that have your brand name and what you do. It’ll help people find you and identify your presence on Instagram.

Utilizing Instagram’s features can help you increase your reach for long-term prosperity.