Attraction and retention of talents: the keywords for the Employer Branding.

Stefania Tagliabue, an environmental psychologist, told for FestINNO 2020 Employer Branding and the most important activities that a company have to develop to attract and hold the talents. 

Employer Branding is the commitment a company must have in order to demonstrate to its current and potential employees that the company is attractive, inspiring place and reality to work in. Employer Branding shows the values and the culture which the employees of the company have and it comprises the functional, economic and psychological benefits provided by the employment.

The attention of the company to the Employer Branding is fundamental because it is an element which differentiates the company to its competitors. There are many prizes and certifications that attest the good HR processes, the attention and trust of the company to employees, like “World’s Best Workplaces” or “Women Value Company” for the gender equality. They are important tools to communicate own organizational culture to potential talents and to customers.

Employer Branding can be compared to Product Branding – it’s a platform for HR managers to understand better the employees. The journey of a customer is very similar to the candidate journey, indeed the candidate has to be treated like a customer. The Candidate Journey is composed of many steps, from the recruiting marketing characterized by awareness and consideration, the recruiting step with application, selection and hire, finally the career. 

This journey represents also the stages to reach the two principal aims of Employer Branding: attraction of talents and retention of talents. The researches demonstrate that talents are attracted most of all by the salary and the benefits a company can offer, but also by the job security, the work-life balance and career progression. 

Why is Employer Branding so important for the company? How does Employer Branding influence the company’s profitability?

The best practices adopted by company to employees can increase the employees satisfaction and the identification to the company. It’s very important also for the awareness with customers and other stakeholders. Finally, it contributes to increase the employees commitment and performance. These attributes determine a development of profitability and productivity of human resources. 

It’s clear that companies have to define their Employer Branding Strategy. First of all it’s fundamental the definition of an ideal profile through the Employee Brand Canvas: attributes, experiences, motivation. Then, the company can identify the Employees Value Proposition, so the elements for which an employee is looking for. These elements are: compensation, workplace, benefit, company culture and career. 

Here the video to learn how to create the best Employer Branding Strategy.