Guest lecture Mr. Miroslav Draganov

About the guest:
Mr. Miroslav Draganov is Author of a very popular autobiographic and motivational book + one poetry book.
Winner of European Forum Alpbach Speakers’ Night 2009, and mentor of the winner in 2014.
Domestic and international experience as a trainer at 200+ workshops, active role on 200+ conferences and 50+ TV Shows and debates, legal representative in 100+ court cases, part of 3000+ professional meetings with clients/collaborators, 7+ years experience in project management with international projects, and 10+ years at leading position or a key team member at different organizations with measurable results (recognizable Law Firm, Bank, Mutual Funds, Faculty, NGOs, and International Networks like: Global Shapers Community – initiative of World Economic Forum, Forum Alpbach Network-initiative of European Forum Alpbach, Lions International, and Business and Human Rights Network).
One out of only two Macedonians – Neethling Brain Instruments (NBI™️) Practitioners (me and my colleague).
Talks Manager at Coaching Support Group Skopje – A division of Noble Manhattan coaching ltd.
Host and speaker of many (international) webinars and constantly upgrade myself via coaching online programs and international online workshops.

About the lecture:
The aim of the lecture was to present the social enterprise “Co-Creators” as an example of social entrepreneurship. It was generated in a form of an interview from the side of the students. The discussion covered the area of social entrepreneurship, challenges while being social entrepreneur, about the enterprise “Co-Creators”, social entrepreneurship in the country, funding and revenues, lessons learned during the process as well as advices.

The lecture was delivered as part of the subject ”Social entrepreneurship – contemporary challenges” in the Undergraduate Programme Management with assist. prof. Jana Hojnik, PhD.

Written by Dajana Siljanoska