#WeTheFun #Busforfun

 If you want to reach an event, safely from your home and with a group of young new friends, Busforfun is your choice!

Busforfun is a young mobility company travelling in a sustainable, safe and low-cost way across Europe. Busforfun vision is a green and shared mobility to experience events world. Started-up 2015 in Italy, Busforfun is an expanding travelling network with 150.000 passengers contact, with 480 destinations, in 8 countries, from 350 pick-up cities, available in 1280 point of sales – right now. With an innovative ticketing-system, flexible online-booking, smart travel engine and CO2-compensation, the #Busforfun-style is the state of the art on market. People experience a friendly, green and comfortable transport for any budget.

The service is based on trust: Busforfun travellers are usually young people (14-24 years old), but who buys the tickets are their parents blessing. With respect to their competitors, they are able to offer to their customers a “go and go back” service from many starting point, instead of having fixed starting stations. Within their working team they promote safe fun, sharing, sustainability of the environment, connection and relationships.

These values are reflected also in each trip to reach the event: in fact, for each ride they create a Whatsapp group, to share information and to keep in touch for safety and organization reasons. This facilitates the development of new friendships and creates new connections that go beyond the single event.

Tickets might be found from online services (among them there is also Amazon !!!) or by agencies. What is really interesting, is that they also try to share and directly collaborate with these agencies, trying to help each other to better satisfy customers.


What are you waiting for? Book your ticket, for the next event and join the Busforfun Company