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Social media channels are a cost-effective option that companies use nowadays to promote their products and services, and are considered a powerful approach to reach wider audiences. However, it is usually not enough to have an attractive social media account. The number of followers often plays an important role in terms of truthfulness – people usually only trust brands that have a large number of followers and even the social media platforms themselves accredit those with a larger following by giving them the verified badge or the “swipe-up” option in the Instagram story, to name a few. Many brands are therefore aggressively looking for new ways to gain a large number of followers in a short period of time which can often lead to undesirable results, such as unengaged followers. Therefore, it is important to apply the right strategies – such as the ones listed hereinafter – to expand social media follower base and build a community of raving fans who will engage with the content and even share it with their followers.


Giveaways are a popular way to attract new followers to an existing social media account by inviting them to share the content and promote a brand. To attract the target audience, it is important to use a high-quality visual element related to a specific niche. Besides, it is essential to communicate a clear message and use the most important keywords related to the giveaway, such as giveaway, win, free, winner. Since any contest usually includes the general terms and conditions,  it is recommended to provide this information in the caption as part of the giveaway.

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Consistency is the key to success on social media. Social media accounts that post daily gain more likes and followers and likes than those that only share the content once or twice a week. If the content is shared regularly, algorithms make it more visible and accessible to social media users. Accounts that are less consistent in posting, on the other hand, are likely to be lost among countless others.


Brand’s social media accounts should always be distributed and promoted through other channels that a brand controls. It is thus highly recommended to embed social media content, but most importantly, social media follow buttons on your website, blog or newsletter, preferably in the footer part. This provides greater exposure to any social media account as well as the chance to increase the following.


Responding to people’s comments and messages is crucial to building an online community. Nowadays, people expect a high response rate and a fast response time on each of the social platforms. It is, therefore, necessary for brands to provide the details on their products or services within a reasonable time frame when people request information. It is also important to acknowledge those who mention your brand and share your content on social media. This will strengthen people’s trust in a brand and attract new followers.

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Hashtags improve the visibility of the content and ensure maximum content exposure, especially on Facebook and Instagram. It is therefore important to use the maximum number of hashtags a platform offers to make posts and consequently accounts discoverable by users. However, not all hashtags bring desirable results. The key is to use specific niche hashtags to reach the target audience. For a women’s clothing brand, for example, a hashtag #womenclothing would be a more effective option than simply #clothes.

Many brands also create a branded hashtag that allows followers to promote the brand and get featured on the brand’s social channels.


In the last two years, social media organic reach has declined dramatically. In order to reach more potential customers on social media, it is important to consider adding social ads as part of your social media marketing strategy. Facebook Ads Manager, for instance, enables detailed audience targeting, allowing you to reach specific audiences from any niche, as well as avoid cold audience targeting –  people who are unfamiliar with your product or service. Advertising is often more effective when it is directed at people who already know your product or service, such as email subscribers and website or social media visitors.


Effectively managing social media accounts and growing social media audience can be a daunting task – it requires time and commitment. However, with the right approach and maximum effort to improve the social media strategy, brands have a good chance to grow and build an engaged follower base and open the way to better brand recognition. Persistence and creativity are the road to success!