Engaging customers in marketing activities and brand development. How do the rest of them do it?

In MIkrobiz.net we have added new functionality, that as many other new ones are marked with a red circle with »N«. This time it is a tool for comparing product, service and brand development activities, with an emphasis on engaging customers at different stages of the process.

As part of the Nuvolak2 project, the Faculty of Management and the Italian partner University of CaFoscari conducted a research within Slovenian and Italian startup companies, where we checked their marketing activities with a focus on customer engagement in the branding process. In the digitized database we have anonymized data of about 120 companies from Slovenia and 130 companies from Italy.

The “benchmark yourself” button at http://www.mikrobiz.net/benchmarking  contains questions that guide you through 11 sets of activities that relate to how startups engage customers in developing their brand across all key steps of the marketing process.

The last step you have to select the parameters of the companies you want to compare. You can choose among business development phases, activities, customer types and country of origin. However, the more you choose, the smaller the population of companies (data base) you will be able to compare with, while the total database comprises about 250 startups.

After selecting the indicators, you will then be shown a graph where the blue line shows you the average of the selected sample for comparison, the red column offsets from negative to average, and the green to positives. The black dots show your answers to individual questions.













Functionality is available in Slovenian, Italian and English. Gradually, however, it will also be possible to store new entries, thus increasing the database gradually and providing an ever greater basis of comparison.

Finally, a report on a comprehensive comparison of activities between Slovenian and Italian companies is in the process. Let us briefly disclose the key finding that the brands of those companies that are more actively engaging customers in their marketing activities and performing more thorough preliminary analysis to execute them, are also more successful. The new functionality will allow you to more clearly evaluate your activities and those of your competitors. Further action and interpretation of the data is left to you!