During the second INNOtalk in Venice we met Matteo Fabbrini, founder of Maikii, Foodacers, Exclama and Tribe.

Matteo is 36 years old, he’s tall and dark. He was wearing a white shirt, jeans and a pair of sneakers by Nike.
10 years ago, although he could continue to work for his parents’ company, he preferred to start a new path and, in a few years, he opened up 4 companies that are all operative on the market nowadays!

During the event he told us about how companies work, business models, strengths and weaknesses … but in particular he told us how he is able to manage four companies at the same time!

The secret is “people”: they could be associate, they could be collaborators, but the main thing is being able to openly confront each other and to turn (many) mistakes into good opportunities.

Obviously nothing can be taken lightly: from studying the market, to understand the competitors, to defined a target and so on.  According to Matteo also tenacity is fundamental: making mistakes is normal, but learning from our mistakes is fundamental to grow and approach the market.

Keywords: right people to work with, cut costs and exploit digital innovation as much as we can.