Last Tuesday we hosted Massimiliano Ventimiglia (H-FARM, H-ART (now AKQA), WPP)

He has funded, in May 2018, Onde Alte, a new entrepreneurial project that was born with the form of benefit corporation.

A benefit corporation is a type of for-profit corporate entity that includes positive impact on society, workers, the community and the environment in addition to profit as its legally defined goals.

From this meeting we learned how simple ideas can start a virtuous process in every type of company, of any size. The process will lead companies to have a better impact on the ecosystem in which they operate, as well as for internal and external resources.

Benefit company does not mean giving up profits but reaching higher profits by modifying the business processes. To do that is necessary to analyze the business ecosystem, to cut down on waste and bad practices and increase the positive impact on the territory and on the community.

Any example? Electric cars, recycled plastic shoes, low-cost houses made by 3D printers in 4 hours.

What are you waiting for???