Statistical knowledge beyond immagination: discover, analyse and decide!


Make a statistical survey funny, interactive and socially useful. This is the challenge Questlab was able to win.

Recently it helped LifePrepair in the development of a survey about how citizens perceive the quality of the air in the Po Valley. In order to involve people in the completion of the questionnaires, LifePrepair gifted a tree to Veneto, Trentino and Friuli Venezia Giulia each 25 questionnaires sent. At the end of the survey, there was a “plant a tree” short game as a prize for the customers. This initiative collected 500 questionnaires and LifePrepair finally gifted 223 trees.

But who is Questlab?

Questlab is a start-up activein the business of economic and social research and data processing.

It has a consolidate experience in statistical survey management with traditional and innovative methods. Otherwise, they realize also tourism and social reporting systems and dashboard for municipality as well as surveys on customer satisfaction.

When the founders started working together in 1999, interviews were led through fax, mailbox and phone. They understood the importance of the e-mail in the business world and decided to replace postal and interview mode collection with on-line questionnaire. In this way they put the attention on the web market instead of the traditional survey market.

This start up came out of a coincidence: in the 2002 they took part in a European survey about the price and wage development coordinated by the European Central Bank. They handled the survey about Italy and proposed this innovative method. The next year they founded Questlab.

Nowadays almost 70% of the customers are public authorities and non-profit organisation as Chamber of Commerce, municipalities, provinces, regions, universities and research institutions.

They believe in the quality in the quantity of the data collected. They think that numbers could become information and information could be answers. With their questionnaires, they would like to let the clients know that they are contributing to something. For this reason, they always thank people, who spend time in order to complete the questionnaire.

The purpose of the customer become Questlab purpose. In fact, they consider themselves as artisans who collect the specific claims of the customers and then realize tailor-made solutions.

They study the problem in all respects with criticality, expertise and spirit of innovation. They would like to maximize customer satisfaction constantly and try to improve the processes through continued investments in research, new methods, procedures and human resources.

Despite a difficult period, the company is looking for a new balance. The challenge is to be able to maintain their identity and brilliance and lead an organisational transformation at the same time in order to grow up and acquire new market share in the future.