Nexia is a company founded in 2013 that deals mainly with the design and construction of machines for industrial laundry, dyeing and treatment of garments (jeans and knitwear).

The following year the De Franceschi brand was acquired which, with its strong brand reputation, helped Nexia to establish itself as a reliable company and with high performance products. Nexia collects De Franceschi’s heritage in the industrial dyeing machines sector of the packaged garment and joins it to a dynamic team of experts to obtain effective and targeted responses to the demands of the global market.

The company is characterized by innovation and sustainability: it has in fact obtained several patents for technologies that allow to save running water as well as chemical agents and has recently developed a software that connects each other several machines and it also allows assistance remotely.


Nexia communicates through the web using carefully selected images and cured in every detail: the goal is to make its customers perceive that an aesthetically beautiful machine will give rise to equally beautiful products.

The company is transforming from a simple B2B to a B2B2C, in fact Nexia does not simply produce industrial machinery but also studies the market trends and the preferences of consumers. By doing so, it is always up to date on the items most purchased by end customers in order to design machinery that are innovative and at the same time treat jeans and sweaters in step with fashion.

In addition to beauty, Nexia focuses on quality: its suppliers are rigorously Italian and guarantee the highest standards. In fact, for this reason, the colors of the Italian flag are also present in the company logo.


Ask your favourite brands to treat jeans and shirts with Nexia machines … you will get cool, high quality products and above all they will not harm the environment!