“I have always been creative, but when it comes to sales I needed the help of the mentors” said Rebeka Vegelj who was a guest on January’s INNOtalks at ABC Accelerator. At the event, she spoke as the founder of the start-up Melon & Lime, which makes smart yoga mats. One of her main goals was to bring yoga closer to a wider spectrum of people, especially ones who were not familiar with it.


PHTO: Siniša Kanižaj / ABC Accelerator

“Melon & Lime enables us to discover simple moments in our everyday lives with a colourful yoga mat and its dedicated mobile application. With it we can go through the day with positive attitude and without stress. Zen” Vegelj says and plans to establish a yoga community in the future. This community would be brought together with the help of their free mobile application “Me Time”.

To the question on how their product differs from the competition Vegelj answered, that the main difference is that by purchasing their product their customers get a mobile application with videos of workouts, breathing techniques and meditations. “Me Time” application functions with the help of a chip that is integrated in the yoga mat. The application is constantly upgraded with new features and therefore the worth of the product remains constant.

They started their company with business partners Jelena Šangarela and Luka Mali, who is an expert for IoT devices. As a result, their product originates from two countries, Slovenia and Croatia.

PHTO: Siniša Kanižaj / ABC Accelerator

Our [great] business results mirror our working ethics. This, combined with the wish that we would aesthetically enhance everyday objects, goes well with our idea of what should be the purpose of our company” Vegelj added and stated, that from the start, the team was well connected with local yoga masters, from whom they still learn every day.

Vegelj said, that the beginnings of the company were marked with learning new things and a great sense of adventure. At the beginning they were alone for everything; with a lot of dedication and will power, however, they managed to eventually succeed and gain new partners and investors.

As for Vegelj’s experience in ABC Accelerator, she stated that the Melon & Lime team had a very busy schedule. Those were the times, that all three members of the team were tested the most on their dedication to the project.

When asked about sales she stated, that the webpage was built very quickly, and that they had been very active on social networks as well, especially on Instagram. Nowadays, however, they mostly rely on the services of marketing agencies.

PHTO: Siniša Kanižaj / ABC Accelerator

As a result they were, for example, represented on one of the biggest fairs in London, and in Slovenia they collaborated with Petrol. They have had a successful cooperation with the online market EnaA as well.

In the future, they plan to develop a new digital solution within the framework of the application. Soon their mat will be available on Amazon as well. For additional value, they offer their customers new side products, like bandages, yoga blocks and towels.

According to Vegelj, doing successful business does not equal only to product development and sales. It is most crucial to think of the project as a whole. This means that one has to understand all of the processes, from documentations, certificates and marketing to strategies.

For businesspeople-to-be, it is of the utmost importance that they attend different events where their business network can expand. Especially it is worth mentioning the acceleration programs, like ABC’s program.

Answering to the question about how she feels as a woman in the start-up world, Vegelj said, that females have everything their male counterparts have – from ingenuity to courage.

In this spirit she suggested, that one shouldn’t be discouraged by the lack of women in the start-up world but rather challenge this stereotype.