Technology transfer of open source models in computational thermo-fluid dynamics!

With the mission to make technological transfer of customized and specialized models, IEFLUIDS was born as a spin-off of the University of Trieste in 2013, from the idea of two PhD students, Andrea and Federico. The push for this project was given by the passion of the two founders towards numerical simulations, backed by their co-founder and UniTs professor Vincenzo Armenio.

The identification of a gap between the research and the application of models was the starting point, than the choice of giving also an additional service: consultancy.


The whole base starts from the scientific research within the university, then IEFLUIDS acts as the intermediary for technology transfer, taking models and research theory and building a software that is easier to use in transferring the code to the big businesses. In addition, the company also takes care of the training of engineers for the use of the software.


Thanks to the strong knowledge of human resources, IEFLUIDS proposes solutions to those customers that directly contact the company, describing their problem. Experienced customers, who recognize a fluid-dynamic problem, leave the company to determine the methodology, in order to solve the problem. Instead, with less experienced customers a dialogue is activated to understand and deepen the problem under examination.


You can find IEFLUIDS in Linkedin: the social network account is used to share their participation in fairs and scientific publications. Even regional calls for European funding are very important as communication channels because they allow them to be known. Finally, the word of mouth is also a source of contacts.

As an intermediary between research and business, one of the fundamental values of IEFLUIDS is both to be updated on and attentive to research. Besides, an active listening of the customer is what allow them to get intimacy with their interlocutor in order to propose and offer the best potential solution.