“The engineering at the service of engineering”

is the slogan of EXPIN, the spin-off of the University of Padua born in 2010.

The company operates in the field of development, application and management of structural systems, monitoring and implementation of advanced behavioral models, support of civil engineering (strategic and relevant buildings, infrastructures, housing and production) and restoration (historic buildings and artefacts).

Research and development have a central role in the company, on the one hand to promote the transfer of technology from the university world to professional practice, and on the other hand to stay competitive in the market that is characterized by a hard competition. The main customers of EXPIN are the public sector and companies which serve the public institutions.


EXPIN is born thanks to an intuition of its owner: fill the gap between the professional engineers and the people who gathers the data. The aim of the company is to serve this market, characterized by a lack of professionalism due to the intense competition in Italy. EXPIN would conquer the foreign countries where there are more opportunities to grow and there are more attention to the quality and professionalism. So, internationalization is the future objective of EXPIN.

EXPIN is an example of the combination of academic and entrepreneurial worlds: the research and development activity of EXPIN derived from the collaboration with University of Padua in terms of laboratory but, in particular, in terms of human resources and competences. The company is able to create a bridge between the two worlds, making available the competences and know-how of university to the entrepreneurs.

 This business is representative of distinctive values that differentiate it from competitors: quality, competences, intellectual honesty and attention to the customer.


Humility and respect: this is EXPIN!