Eurostep is a company founded in 2014 that registered a meaningful development during the last 18 months (from 15 to 50 employees !!). It mainly deals with e-commerce and is very specialized within his field.

What mainly distinguishes Eurostep from its competitors is, in addition to its vertical specialization, its pushed internationalization: it has three strategic points of distribution in New York, Hong Kong and Tokyo.

A further distinguishing feature of Eurostep is the importance it assigns to the customer experience: the company intends to embrace its customer at 360°, to propose contents of technological innovation superior to the market average and to offer customized products. With regard to this last point, Eurostep seeks to build a relationship based on trust with its customers, a path that is structured over several years (generally from 2 to 4), which involves various development steps and the progressive transmission of know-how to customers with the aim of making them gradually independent.

Regarding communication, they are particularly active with blogs, social networks (Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, ) and interviews in

specialized and local magazines.

Ethics, transparency and sharing are the values ​​in which Eurostep believes: all the information are shared with all Eurostep collaborators that lead to continuous business improvement.