A worldwide strategic initiative, in Venice, with the intention “to give everyone the possibility to be autonomous by means of using spaces and technologies”: this is Venice Fablab.

Venice Fablab is a startup founded in 2013 and established in the science and technology park of Venice inside the VegainCube Incubator. Venice Fablab belongs to an international network born at M.I.T. of Boston and at the same time is strongly linked to the local reality. The beating heart of every Fablab is made up of modern technologies that allow the digital production of craftsmanship through the use of advanced machinery. The company offers prototyping services placing side by side creatives, individuals and companies to realize different types of projects, opens its own laboratory to individuals who can use the machines paying for consumption, resell 3d printers and laser machines, also offering assistance service, and finally deals with teaching and training. This last activity is the most important for Venice Fablab because they believe that knowledge must be transferred to as many people as possible: they organize courses and workshops to learn how to use the most innovative software and technologies as well as appointments dedicated to children and guys. Fablab is a place to find and share the knowledge. Besides, the technology allows people to perform the so-called Mass Customization, a new business trend of industry 4.0.

The Fablab DNA

Venice Fablab therefore works on 3 different business model:

-Service Manufacturing, Product development;

-Open Lab;

-Education and training

Worldwide knowledge, Open Innovation, Sharing, Network, Software, Machineries, understanding the challenges of today not to be overwhelmed tomorrow, this is the Fablab DNA.

If you want to know the world of 3D printing, learn new knowledge about Industry 4.0 and experience the most innovative craftsmanship processes, do not hesitate to contact Fablab Venezia !!