Learning and growing together!

If you are thinking, “I have a business idea, but I don’t know where to start”, this article is perfect for you!


311 Verona is an innovation hub founded in 2016 by the EduLife foundation upgrading an abandoned industrial area in the heart of Verona.

Here from1902 to the end of the SeventiesAntonio and Giacomo Galtarossa founded the Officine Meccaniche e Fonderie Galtarossa. This industrial area produced acetylene torches first and then railway wagons up to be an industrial giant with over 1300 employees.

Nowadays 311 is an open space for innovation and young people equipped with modern technological instruments. The site has got also a strategic position: 14 minutes by car from the airport, 10 minutes from the highway, 18 minutes from the train station on foot, in the heart of Verona and 13 minutes from the University.

311 purpose is to be an opportunity to constantly grow and learn, to express talents and to build business networks that positively impact society on a global scale.

People and their competencies are at the heart of their value proposition. They help young people looking for their life plan and companies in the pursuit of specialist skills and international market relations.

311 aims to develop an ecosystem in order to predict the future labour market trend and be an intermediary between young people and companies.


How to know if you are the one for 311?  

311 are not numbers randomly selected, but represent the identity kit of the company. 3 stays for the human skills required: truth, courage and talent, fundamental for market reading. The first 1 is synonym with timing. In fact people have to make a choice at the right time. The second 1 is a symbol of leadership. In 311 each person is a reference point with his true calling. Duplications are not allowed: only in this way people can bring added value to the community and drive innovation.

With a Salesian background, the foundation and 311 focus on young people with a lot of courses and projects, for example FuturoLa


voro and PlanYourFuture, in order to give them an opportunity in the labour market of the future.

Diversity is one of 311 strongest assets. In fact, the community is a uniquely multidisciplinary, collaborative whole of entrepreneurs, creatives, digital nomads, startups, NGOs, multinationals and students.

Another key word is inspiration: 311 is an environment that inspires each single person, every single day, to learn, create and grow up.

331 Manifesto describes how people in 311 are expected to be. The main values are: freedom honesty, trust, confidence, respect, courage, beauty honesty, fairness, humility and kindness.

311 would like to change the way of thinking of people. They may go out of routines, develop lateral think and find innovative solutions. It focuses on the future labour market and tries to develop courses in order to offer people with the skills that companies need.


Be innovative and disruptive is their effort and a shared purpose.